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What's Special About Baby #100??

Carrie always wanted to be a part of the labor and delivery world. For awhile she even thought she would like to be a nurse on the labor and delivery floor! As it turns out she took some time out of the workforce to raise some kids of her own. When her boys got older it seemed natural that it was Carrie's turn to do something she wanted to do, something outside of the home that she could be proud of. It was crystal clear to her that being a doula was the perfect fit!

She approached her family, they encouraged her, she signed up for her first doula training and started looking for her first clients. She knocked on doors, took on clients at reduced rates sometimes even for no pay at all. It worked. To no ones surprise she was good at this doula gig, not just good but really good, and word spread fast. Soon Carrie was busy, occasionally turning down clients when her months get "full".

As time went on Carrie took some trainings, learned more about the birthing world and the babies started adding up. What a journey so far! There have been short births, babies nearly born in elevators and babies who try to make their entrance in the car. There have been babies that have taken their time, labors stretching on for days and days. There have been births that have turned into c sections, and births that just when mom couldn't do it any more, a baby appeared. Some births have been unmedicated and some babies have been born in the water. We have seen things that defy all earthly logic and things that make you go home and weep. Here's the thing though: every single baby's birth has been a beautiful experience. Every mom who labored, every dad who cheered his wife on has a place in Carrie's heart. If you ask her about one of "our babies" she will recall the details with the genuine love in her eyes that only comes from someone meant to be a doula.

So-What's special about #100. Oh

I don't know? Just about everything is special about Callie. She is beautiful, she has a calm demeanor, and she made her debut a few weeks early to earn her special spot as Carrie's 100th baby. We actually think she is perfect. Her mom and dad are pretty ok too.

Lucky doesn't begin to describe how we feel when families choose us to be their doula. Looking forward to meeting the next 100 babies! Cheers to the best job ever.

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