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Lactation Consultation

Doulas at Essentials offers an in home lactation visit, usually lasting approximately 60 min, for $70. The visit will include support to mom and baby while baby nurses, product recommendations, and follow up help via phone calls or texting. Visits can usually be booked same day.

Nursing your baby can be a challenge but it shouldn't cast shade on those early precious days of being a new mom.  I will support you and what your journey looks like from the first weeks until you are ready to wean your baby from the breast, never judging your choices. 


I am a trained Lactation Counselor, which means I have taken lactation courses and passed a exam which allows me to help breastfeeding moms in a client/counselor setting. I am vigilant about staying on top of new research, giving my clients up to date information and advice as situations arise.  

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