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Postpartum Services

What does the Doula do?

   Take care of new baby

   Interact with siblings

   Prepare meals for the day or days ahead

   Wash and fold laundry

   Do dishes and tidy kitchen

   Wash sheets and make beds

   Answer mom's questions

   Assist with breastfeeding

What does the Mom do?

   Relax, enjoy a shower, take a much needed nap, answer family and friends notes, catch up on social media or spend quality time with the baby's siblings.


Packages and Pricing

Doulas at Essentials offers a postpartum Service package that includes 4 daytime sessions that last 4 hours each, so a total of 16 daytime hours for $700. Discounts are available when booking our birth and postpartum services together. 

We also offer overnight sessions from 9 pm-6:00 am for $280 per night. We offer an overnight package of 8 overnight sessions for $2,000. 

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