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Nursing Newborn

Doulas at Essentials

Carrie Powell and Jennifer Barnes

About Me

My name is Carrie Powell and I am one of the Doulas at Essentials.  In 2017 I began my doula journey and have loved every step of serving women during their pregnancy and births!  


It is my goal to help women get educated on their choices and have a birth they feel wonderful about.  


There are so many choices and decisions that go into a birth, and watching families become empowered and strong through childbirth classes and prenatal visits is one of the greatest parts of this job.  I would be honored to help you navigate this exciting time!!!

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About Me

Hey there beautiful and capable mamas! My name is Jenn Barnes and my passion is family, most especially families with NEW babies! Any time a new person joins the family there is bound to be an adjustment period, a time of uncertainty and shakiness. My goal is to usher you through that time with non-judgmental guidance. 

I have some personal experience with changing families, my husband and I  have brought 3 baby boys home from the hospital! Chaos ensued each and every time! I wish I would have had a doula to help me! 

I have been a doula for 3+ years working in the birth and postpartum field, serving over 50 families in one way or another.

I am also certified as a Lactation Counselor, a title earned by lots of classes and an exam, but I'd like to say I focus on feeding the baby-keeping moms goals and mental health in mind. 

I am known for crying all the way home after my last session with a family, you all get in my heart! If you are looking for a Postpartum Doula or a Lactation Counselor I hope you will give me a call. 


Jenn Barnes 

About Us

There is me (Jenn) and there is Carrie, and then there is us-Doulas at Essentials. We are a team, and I mean that in every sense of the word. 

Carrie and I talk about our clients about 100 x a day, we give each other advice and we learn from each other. We have each others backs-24 hours a day 7 days a week, which is good because this job doesn't keep bankers hours! 

Weekends and evenings you will often find Carrie and I together enjoying each other and each others families. We actually like each other outside of work! 

Our clients benefit from this partnership every single day because 2 doula brains are better than 1! 



Birth Services

A birth doula will assist the laboring mother both physically and mentally. Doulas are trained to educate the parents-to- be on what to expect during their labor and delivery and help them achieve their birth goals with empowerment and knowledge. 

Childbirth Classes

This all inclusive learning experience takes you and your partner through the journey of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and newborn care.

Postpartum Services

Postpartum Doulas step seamlessly into your new baby journey, serving and guiding new parents with information and support as they learn what being a new parent looks like for them.

Placenta Encapsulation

Please contact Carrie Powell for more information.


Lactation Consulting

Breastfeeding can be hard and little is more important than getting a good start. We offer lactation consultations in the comfort of your own home, where you and your baby feel most comfortable.

Overnight Infant Care

Taking care of a new baby is hard, especially when mom and dad are exhausted, hiring a doula for overnight care gets new parents the sleep they need to heal and function better during the day. Overnight doula care comes with a nourishing breakfast and help forming a safe sleep plan.


Jen and Carrie are an absolute wealth of knowledge. We signed up for the momma love birth classes- but ended up getting ALL of the essential doula services. Carrie helped me in so many ways during pregnancy and Jen was a savior when it came to Postpartum. When you get essential doulas, you don’t just get them- you get the WHOLE essential family. 

Brandy, Wyatt's Mom
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